Recovering myself


My Crazy June

I am so glad it will be just a crazy memory of thousand small bad lucks had happened this June with me.In the first days of June I started to work at my big(32 by 40 inches) painting and it was quiet OK, before the God sent to me those small tough tests. Whatever I touched was ruined, broken, unsuccessful literally or allegorically, and mostly without any my fault at all. And today it was last drop, I hope so. I woke up at half to seven and saw a hole at my selling and dripping water from upstairs neighbors apartment . Four albums for watercolors I just bought 2 days ago were damaged by water.Should I say I was lucky enough it wasn’t some electronic devise instead? Any way, I was upset very much, because it another 50 backs flew. I almost finished my painting, and will start another two, and one of paintings I should just delay, because I feel like it’s not going properly now and just annoying me. And the last week of June I hope will be wonderful, o please, Lord!


Lavender fields

Mother Nature

Yalta- Beautiful At Any Kind Of Weather

The Blessed Place- My Hometown

My old studio backhome


Some of my very old paintings

The quality of pictures are really bad, because good ones I’ve been saved and stored on my preview laptop and unfortunately it had  broken and everything gone. Silly me, silly… Of course, I have none of this paintings long ago and the only good things this paintings live their own life with their owners on their homes in different cities and countries.

Who is in the box?

Yes, it’s my boy! Boxes adorer)))