Mother Nature

Yalta- Beautiful At Any Kind Of Weather

My old studio backhome


Winter river

Some spring spirit)))

Our Lakefront and Lighthouse

Squirrel visitor

She came to visit my friend on her kitchen window. Put her nose in gnawing through net-Hey, you! Didn’t wait for me?image-ad441d3fcaa6adea32c0f3273e895f31690fb868b934665e6518ede94362cad9-V

I heard that you have some peanuts, didn’t you?

My friend Alena said that happiness persistently swarmed up to house.)))

-I promise, I’ll come back. You were so kind to me! -She fulfilled her promise))) and not just once.

Furniture renovation

Another my hobby is to REnovate, RElocate,RE-do, etc. Love DIY projects. Once I REpainted some of my furniture to such a beautiful ‘Canadian sky blue’ colour, after some time went, I REpainted it in a perfect gray. No boring moments anymore!

Oh! I forgot about REgrow)))

Flowers are artist’s soul