My Crazy June

I am so glad it will be just a crazy memory of thousand small bad lucks had happened this June with me.In the first days of June I started to work at my big(32 by 40 inches) painting and it was quiet OK, before the God sent to me those small tough tests. Whatever I touched was ruined, broken, unsuccessful literally or allegorically, and mostly without any my fault at all. And today it was last drop, I hope so. I woke up at half to seven and saw a hole at my selling and dripping water from upstairs neighbors apartment . Four albums for watercolors I just bought 2 days ago were damaged by water.Should I say I was lucky enough it wasn’t some electronic devise instead? Any way, I was upset very much, because it another 50 backs flew. I almost finished my painting, and will start another two, and one of paintings I should just delay, because I feel like it’s not going properly now and just annoying me. And the last week of June I hope will be wonderful, o please, Lord!


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