Recovering myself


Who is in the box?

Yes, it’s my boy! Boxes adorer)))


Black cat

Squirrel visitor

She came to visit my friend on her kitchen window. Put her nose in gnawing through net-Hey, you! Didn’t wait for me?image-ad441d3fcaa6adea32c0f3273e895f31690fb868b934665e6518ede94362cad9-V

I heard that you have some peanuts, didn’t you?

My friend Alena said that happiness persistently swarmed up to house.)))

-I promise, I’ll come back. You were so kind to me! -She fulfilled her promise))) and not just once.

Weekend walking

Once we saw while were walking those two-drowsy racoon and lonely walking cat.

Another time we saw a black squirrel with white end tail.

Meet lovely Lucas


He is part of us. Love,love, love him. He loves food and watch squirrels and gulls. No, it’s not truth, he loves mommy too.