All about nothing)

I bought a new easel today, and probably I will work on it on long weekend. My old one will be retired and seat aside for better busy times.   20160520_223113[1]

In the thrift store I sew a beautiful, absolutely adorable, handmade doll 20160518_142737

Mommy gained a lot of weight this fall and winter, so now she need to lose some (many) of pounds. It is always extremely difficult to take first step for better, but I did one from tenth attempt…I will share with you how  hard I try and if it goes well.) Last year I tried Atkins diet for a week and continued with non carbohydrate dietary, so I’ve lost about 25 pounds for 2 months.  Heh, now again should start from scratch. What’s a pity!, and it even not because I ate a lot, I ate SWEETS a lot, baked a lot and consumed what I baked a lot. Got a lesson! As I said, I tried , and tried,  and tried to start dieting again, and just can’t. But the last one I remained and it is my fifth day and I lost my first 2.5 pounds only….The good thing about Atkins diet, you are not hungry at all. You can eat boiled chicken breast and veggies and fruits, but nothing else. Yes, sounds good, but not for me who has a sweet tooth.OK, no sweets, OMG! On seventh day you can add some dairy products, like milk to your coffee and a couple of spoons of yogurt, yolk of boiled egg. When the first week would pass, you become proud of yourself and will not give it up.))) Hope so!!!!!


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