Zucchini with garlic sauce

OK, lets forget about art.))) Food. It’s something, what moves world ahead. I love zucchini roasted and mixed with garlic sauce. I prepare sauce by mixing equally sour cream and mayonnaise, and couple gloves of grated garlic.

When I started to roast, I noticed that my fraying pan made from cast iron burns my food. First I should to help myself by solving a problem. That’s easy.))) I putted salt on the bottom, roasted it around 10 minutes, left my frying pan to cool down, after it absolutely cold greased it with oil, left it on 10 minutes to absorb the oil, wiped out to very dry condition and put it to stove to anneal until hot, put the oil on it and it’s ready to fry. ‘Voila’! Great result. I can fry fried eggs on it and it not burns anymore. It works like Tefal.)))

This is how it was before and after. As for eggs, they came away perfectly without scrubbing. When I will use it next time first-warm it up, until hot, next put oil, and only after this food.


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