Meatbolls soup

In our family this soup we call mom’s soup, because I remember my granny was cooked it, my mom, me,and now my daughter…You can feed this soup to children starting from 8 months old, and they will love it and after twenty, thirty… Heh! My youngest is very peaky eater, but he loves this soup. He hates any carrot or onion in there… Shhh! only one secret, do not tell him this mom’s trick.)))

1.I grind up pork meat with onion, make small balls

2.peel potatoes, onion, carrot, then cut them

3.rinse the buckwheat in cold water boiling water I put meatballs,after few minutes when starting boiling again, I put potatoes and buckwheat small pan first I roast onion, and when it become goldish, I add grated carrot and still fry it together.

And here is my trick.))) I do not add this fried onion and carrot directly to soup, but in the strainer and live it to boil. After 7-10 minutes I take fried things in strainer from the soup. Put salt, greens if you like. La-la-la!!! Ready! Oh, so tasty with toasts.


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