10 „Scary” recipes I managed to do

Cooking Without Limits

We all have our limits in the kitchen and we try every day to go beyond them. My first recipes, really scary recipes, are now done and the list is new.  Maybe for some of you were easy, but for me, were a fight which I manage to win after a test or two.

  1. Meringue / Pavlova

After reading about it on the internet, I got so scared that I postponed for a few months making this recipe, even I was dying to eat some meringues. The first time I did, I manage to make them perfect. Even with my old rusty oven, I found that if you leave the oven door cracked for the entire time, you will get your job done.

Meringues meringues

Next step was to make Pavlova. The first one I wanted without sugar or just a tablespoon of sugar and it was a big mistake…

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