Have a good day everyone!


Hi!  Salut!  Привет!  Добридень!

My name is Irina. I started this blog just  for fun and I would be happy if it could be for someone’s benefit and fun as well. English is my third language, so I hope you’ll be kind to me and forgive my language mistakes. I would be appreciate for those awesome people who can correct my raw English. I am mother of three, two of my kids are young adults graduated from college and university, and now both successfully  working. The youngest one is high school student and enrolled to gifted program. I am a professional artist and teacher of Fine Arts, have lots of hobbies, love DIY projects, cooking, baking, have loads of various skills, which I would be happy to share with you- like some easy, everyone can do lessons of painting, my family’s delicious recipes, everything beautiful and interesting  that just is happened around me. I am a photographer amateur, lover of good books, kind of designer and decorator, honest friend, good listener, nature adorer, and just a nice person. I love Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/irinabortnik3/), enjoy my albums, take pins and  have fun!


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